A new work of Hengtian|Cloud Bookstore, miss the days of "self-study"




In the winter of 2020, There was a pause of frustration and frustration. The timing of the release of "Study Club of Scattered People" is also intended to help the physical bookstores with thin margins, seeking a recovery of Spring. In this information age, high-speed and convenient reading mode makes books full of emotion look really stiff and cold. Under the clouds, among the books, the designer wants to make the texts become warm and free in such a soft environment. Right here, a separated heart can be set free, and an outlet can be frankly given to your emotions.




While Spring returns,  it will be the reunion time for scattered people.





The bookstore is located in a commercial building on Nanjing West Road, Shanghai. The space is not big, but it's really warm. The glass door of the entrance is simple and transparent, which saves space, as well as makes the pedestrians outside can not help but stop and explore.





The seemingly complex space is always derived from the basic shapes, and the simple shapes converge into a beautiful picture. Under the clouds, among the books. An undulating curve is just like the outline of the wave.





The light appear more even under the diffuse reflection of the curved roof. You can read enjoyably in any area or space.





Staying here, you can the drawing or writing; You can have Yoga salons; What’s more, You can block out all the distractions , just concentrate on the test paper in your hands.





"Self-study room" is just like the private space in the youth TV serials please answer 1988 where Deshan, Shanyu, Zhenghuan and Donglong went every day before the college entrance examination. Although it’s simple and plain, they are all glorious and sweet memories. When you are tired of reading, you can take a rest in the lounge, with a full sense of belonging.





Whether reading alone, discussing in pairs, or brain storming with partners, there is always a suitable space here. In the Cloud Bookstore, the rich mind is wandering in every texture of space.





The white arc adds sense of space here, which makes us feel relaxed and natural. As the poem says: the sky, the floating clouds, the log under the clouds, happy and complacent.





During the period of soul communication, all abstract things look very moving.





Spring is around the corner, let's head to the bookstore for self-study.





设计师·Ryan王恒 Designer - Ryan (Wang Heng)

北京恒田建筑设计有限公司 创始人 Founder of Beijing Hengtian Architectural Design co. LTD





I once studied in Japan and went to Italy for further study, after returning, I established a design studio. 15 years of designing experience makes me believe that the attributes of lifestyle in space is much more important. The space should satisfy all the demands of the person in the space, and consider his or her social role and behavior.

Design concept---It's better to be meticulous under convention than to break down the convention.