Soumaya Museum



博物馆地处卡尓索广场,位于一个新文化商业区中心。FR-EE 为占地17,000平方米的索玛雅博物馆所做的设计向其折衷主义的艺术收藏品致敬,该收藏品涵盖了15世纪至20世纪中叶的大约70,000件艺术品,其中包括世界上最大的私人收藏的 Auguste Rodin 雕塑。博物馆的设计反映了“为所有人创造一个新的公共文化机构”这一愿望。


FR-EE's design for the 17,000 m2 Soumaya Museum pays homage to its eclectic art collection of about 70,000 objects from the 15th to mid-20th century, including the world's largest private collection of sculptures by Auguste Rodin. The design of the museum reflects the desire to create a new publicly accessible cultural institution for all.


©️ Yannick Wegner




Rising 150 feet at the heart of a new cultural and commercial district, Plaza Carso, the building’s form, a rotated rhomboid supported by 28 curved steel columns of varying size and shapes, is clad in a skin of 16,000 hexagonal mirrored-steel elements. A seven-ring structural system creates cantilevers on multiple sides and stabilizes the museum’s continuous six-level promenade of exhibition, presentation and communal gathering space. These reference the traditional, colonial ceramic-tiled building façades in Mexico City, and give the Soumaya Museum a different appearance depending on the weather, time of day and the viewer’s vantage point.


©️ Yannick Wegner


高45.7米的索玛雅博物馆位于Polanco新的卡尔索广场房地产开发的中心,而Polanco是墨西哥城一个充满活力的国际化社区。博物馆的独特形式和强大的影响力为1940年代的前工业区创造了特征,并为进一步的文化发展提供了催化剂,其中包括安东·加西亚·阿布里尔(AntonGarcía-Abril)的剧院和大卫·奇珀菲尔德(David Chipperfield)的Jumex当代艺术博物馆。


The 45.7-meter-high Soumaya Museum rises in the heart of the new Plaza Carso real estate development in Polanco, a vibrant and cosmopolitan neighborhood in Mexico City. The distinct form of the museum and strong presence create an identity for the 1940's ex-industrial area and serves as a catalyst for further cultural development, including a theater by Anton García-Abril and the Jumex contemporary art museum by David Chipperfield.


©️ Yannick Wegner




Inside, visitors initially meet at Rodin's Thinker in a generous white lobby that encourages guests to explore the museum. Going up the continuous promenade that spirals through six levels of the museum, visitors will find masterpieces by Van Gogh, Matisse, Monet and Dalí, among others. The ramp leads to the exhibition hall on the top floor with a sculptural landscape gently flooded with natural light. In addition to the galleries, the Soumaya Museum includes a 350-seat public auditorium, library, restaurant, gift shop, and offices.


©️ Adam Weisman




The surrounding public space is activated through a large staircase that leads to the entrance of the museum, and serves as an informal square for visitors and locals of the adjacent Carso complex. A skin of 16,000 hexagonal and mirrored steel tiles refers to the traditional ceramic tiles of colonial tiles and gives the museum a very diverse appearance, depending on the time and the viewpoint of the viewer, while optimizing the conservation and durability of the entire building.


©️ Rafael Gamo








01 剖面


02 剖面




规模:1 6,000平米 / 172,223平方英尺




合作方:阿方索•米兰达、光的建筑、AR咨询公司、奥雅纳公司、好山丘建筑公司、Dypro公司、加尔萨•马尔多纳多公司、Gehry技术公司、HB公司、科尼公司、光队公司、Miery Terán公司、佩特拉•布莱瑟、萨阿德音响公司、Swecomex公司


Project information:

Design firm: FR-EE (www.fr-ee.org)

Scale: 16,000 m² / 172,223 ft²

Client: Museo Soumaya

Location: Mexico City, Mexico

Years: 2005-2011


Alfonso Miranda, Arquitectura de la Luz, Arsenio Rodríguez Consulting, Arup, Colinas de Buen, Dypro, Garza Maldonado y Asociados, Gehry Technologies, Hubard y Bourlon Security, Kone , Lighteam, Mier y Terán, Petra Blaisse, Saad Acústica, Swecomex









New fine art museum and architectural icon in the heart of Mexico City

Served as a catalyst for urban and community regeneration

Attracted more than 1 million visitors in the first year

Flexible spaces for permanent and temporary exhibitions of all scales



2013 Architizer A+大奖

2012 星火奖

2012 美国地产奖

2011 WAF决赛奖,巴塞罗那

2010 《Travel + Leisure》杂志,最佳博物馆



2013 Architizer A+

2012 Spark Award

2012 American Property Awards

2011 WAF Finalist, Barcelona

2010 Travel + Leisure, Best New Museum



FR-EE是一家全球性建筑和设计公司,在纽约,墨西哥城和深圳设有办事处。 FR-EE在全球范围内实现了涵盖不同计划和环境的项目-从博物馆和办公楼到密集的城市中心和基础设施项  目。 最终,每个实践项目的目标都是为三维形式的社会,政治和经济转型提供一个框架。


FR-EE is a global architecture and design firm with offices in New York, Mexico City and Shenzhen. FR-EE has realized projects worldwide that encompass different programs and contexts – from museums and office buildings to dense urban centers and infrastructure projects. Ultimately, the goal of each of the practice’s projects is to provide a framework for social, political, and economic transformation in three-dimensional form.


协作是FR-EE对设计可能性进行调查的核心,它与客户,政策制定者,策展人,教育者,非营利实体,开发商,工程师,承包商,艺术家,人类学家以及思想和商业领袖紧密合作。 FR-EE 的方法反映了建筑师,城市设计师和工业设计师在当代社会中作为领导者和生产者的日益扩大的作用,他们个人和集体地致力于创造而不是模仿。


Collaboration is central to FR-EE’s inquiry into the possibilities of design, working closely with clients, policy makers, curators, educators, non-profit entities, developers, engineers, contractors, artists, and anthropologists, as well as thought and business leaders. FR-EE’s approach reflects the expanding role of architects, urban designers and industrial designers in contemporary society as leaders and producers, individually and collectively aiming to create rather than imitate.