Key words:new media immersive dining, water ripples, curved elements, pure white, transparent


La chansonnière 蘭颂餐厅是GB SPACE(高白空间设计事务所)设计的一家结合新媒体沉浸式体验用餐的高端法餐厅,位于北京市朝阳区酒仙桥语言文化中心B座1层,项目总面积305平米。


La chansonnière is a high-end French restaurant designed by GB SPACE, featuring new media immersive dining experience. This project is located on the first floor, block B, Jiuxianqiao language and cultural center, Chaoyang district, Beijing. The total area of the project is 305 square meters.





The design inspiration comes from the moment when the sense of taste is stimulated by delicious food as if the water ripples in the mouth, evoking the senses throughout the body, fully immersed in the French gourmet experience with a long and lingering aftertaste. Using water as the main design element, the designers choose white color to keep the whole space pure and clean, just like the white canvas set off a feast and create a sense of ritual for the dining experience.





We use a lot of curved elements in order to create the atmosphere of water ripples. In the ceiling area, we use the suspended fabric to make the curve of the waves, which is a kind of dynamic water when the wind blows. The curtains are superimposed with the same fabric to increase the sensation of spatial depth. Regarding the wall decoration, we design curved lines through 3D printing technology. For the floor decoration, the curved metal lines are embedded within the terrazzo, responding to the overall style. In addition, the perfect combination of the line and surface is utilized to organize the curved elements in the space. 





The restaurant not only provides the function of dining, but also serves as a place for socialization experience. We set a variety of dining scenes in the space as well as different seating arrangments through the division of the area. With capacities ranging from 2 to 12 guests, we cater to the needs of different dining scenes. The central area is seperated by translucent materials so that different areas are physically divided but visually connected. When people walk around, they will be delighted as they see different dimensions of space..





We create a private room by incorporating immersive dining experience through new media. The new media technology updates its content in a timely manner so that more immersive scenes could be produced combining better dishes and services, bringing guests a richness of sensory experience. We also utilize technical means to allow doors open and close without touching for a purpose of enhancing guests’ experience as well as their sense of ritual in this space. 





In terms of lighting, we use dimming system to control different dining scenes in the space. The hidden lights are broadly used in the ceiling, illuminating the space with a reflective light. It combines with spotlights above dining table in all directions as the key light source, setting off a warm and comfortable atmosphere. 





White wallpaper, terrazzo, yarn, and transparent acrylic are used as the main materials in the space, creating a pure white visual effect. There are two installations which mimic the moment when water droplets fall. The designed static and dynamic water elements ingeniously fit into the surrounding environment and thus enhance the immersive experience. The wooden and velvet furniture also make guests feel right at home and enjoy the feast.  





项目名称:La chansonnière 蘭颂餐厅




设计公司:GB SPACE高白空间设计事务所














Fact Sheet:


Project Name:La chansonnière


Site Location:Beijing, China


Design Firm:GB SPACE


Designer:Gao Wenyu, Bai Yang, Zhang Jing


Completion Time:2019.5




Photographer: Wang Ning


Video: Wang Ning


Material: metal,acrylic,terrazzo,textile,wall paper,wood