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Competition Theme: Architecture in Transformation


Architectural Type: Cultural Complex
Registration Deadline: July 30 2012
Submission Deadline: October 8 2012




Architecture in Transformation should make responses to current situations and times. What concerns us is the relationship between architecture and city, and the relationship between architecture and natural environment. The competition aims at: (1) searching and constructing a human space with a sense of place in increasingly-fragmented cities or unordered villages; (2) exploring environment-friendly and sustainable ideas in the information age; (3) integrating creative design concepts with solid basic skills effectively in architectural education. The main requirements include: (1) making detailed examinations and reflections on architectural history; (2) exploring complicated requirements to architecture and environment by current users; (3) paying attention to events in specific sites; (4) configuring viable urban and architectural spaces.


Competition Brief


1.Participants can choose design programs by themselves. The architectural type is designated as cultural complex. It should pay great attention to the features of contemporary cultural architecture and specific spatial requirements of various user groups.
2.Participants can choose sites by themselves. It should be of challenges and urban memories, such as urban fringes, urban centers, rural centers, etc.
3.Total floor area is around 6,000m2 (±10%).
4.Participants should make deep considerations to the organic relationships between architecture and city, and between architecture and village. Besides, outside space and urban edges should be included into the design program.
5.Participants should make 1:200-scale hand-made models. The model photos (≥5inch×7inch) should be included in submission drawings.


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